i get way too sensitive when i get attached to someone. i can detect the slightest change in the tone of their voice, and suddenly i’m spending all day trying to figure out what i did wrong. — humans of new york - amman, jordan (via leunq)

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You’re a Bitch

You’re a Bit

You’re a








You’re a

You’re a Bi

You’re a Bitch

Oh look ,You’re still a Bitch

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tumblr.com delivering a low blow


This movie is so fun and colorful! I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would, the music is spot on. And I really like the relationship between Groot and Rocket, he’s like a proud papa raccoon ahahaha 8’))))))

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i missed this post

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My cousin was visiting from Germany, where they don’t have very many ice cream trucks, and we had been chilling at the cabin for the weekend and would hear it at all sorts of day time hours. The last day we were there, it got close again and I said “Man, that ice cream truck is relentless” and my cousin yells out “YOU GUYS HEAR IT TOO?!”

He thought he had been hallucinating the music the entire time and just decided not to tell anyone.

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hannibal is a bad show because like why dont they just send robocop after hannibal?? he cant eat a robot. he literally cant stop him

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gettin outta school on the last day like


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If someone were to die at the age of 63 after a lifelong battle with MS or Sickle Cell, we’d all say they were a “fighter” or an “inspiration.” But when someone dies after a lifelong battle with severe mental illness and drug addiction, we say it was a tragedy and tell everyone “don’t be like him, please seek help.” That’s bullshit. Robin Williams sought help his entire life. He saw a psychiatrist. He quit drinking. He went to rehab. He did this for decades. That’s HOW he made it to 63. For some people, 63 is a fucking miracle. I know several people who didn’t make it past 23 and I’d do anything to have 40 more years with them.

anonymous reader on The Dish

One of the more helpful and insightful things I’ve seen about depression/suicide in the last couple of days.

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Studio Ghibli Astrology: What’s your sign?

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Guardians of the Galaxy (1995)

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So according to these two


The actual team rocket motto is

To infect the world with devastation, 

To blight all peoples in every nation. 

To denounce the goodness of truth and love,

To extend our wrath to the stars above

Team Rocket circling Earth all day and night,

Surrender to us now or you’ll surely lose the fight!

And the fact that Jesse and James get it wrong and make it positive says a whole fucking lot about their personalities.


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